The ONE motivation for the ubiquitous Democratic stimulus bills is this:

(1) Keep passing the spending bills. (2) Sooner or later the economy will recover anyway (they always have). (3) Then the Democrats will say: "see, the Democratic stimulus bills worked" and (4) Vote for us.

It cost the taxpayers around $390,000 to create one job

If the real aim of the people in power (Bush, and now Obama) really was to create jobs instead of paying off supporters and lining their own pockets, they would come up with good solutions to aide that end.

Oh, ahahahahahha  ha ha ha. I amuse myself.

So, let me opine:

1. Eliminate corporate taxes (for full details, click here) - a cure I have been advocating on these pages long BEFORE the current recession.

2. Give a one year moratorium on income taxes derived by (us) senior citizens from cashing in part (or all) of their IRA Accounts. When people are working, they can contribute part of their wages to their 401 retirement account and those contributions are tax free. When they retire they can withdraw part or all of the money, along with any funds saved through a retirement account. but they then pay income tax on that IRA account.

So, (we) senior citizens keep the money in the account and only withdraw it for necessities. New car? Huh uh. Vacation Home? No, of we wanted one, we already have it. Vacation? Maybe, but you have to pay Income Tax and if you take so much out, you not only pay Income Taxes on the IRA withdrawal, but also, you pay Income Tax on you Social Security Income (THANKS BILL CLINTON).

There are TRILLIONS of Dollars in those accounts. Just sitting thers. You want to see a boom, get us, er . . .those old coots spending .

No political bribes, no purchased votes, no Billion Dollar pork bailouts.
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